Hack the City @ V&A

Digital Design Weekend, Victoria and Albert Museum
23-24th September 2017
Organisers: Plymouth University with ODI Devon

This event is part of the Victoria and Albert Museum, Digital Design Weekend 2017.
The fill programme is here 

Let’s play! Come and talk to a tree, play with a bench or tinker with a streetlight. In this drop-in event we will explore how simple code can connect us with everyday things in the city. We will set up a series of hacks with a tree, a bench and a street lamp to show how we can hack the city and interact with it in playful ways.
This fun, hands-on learning experience will use some basic electronics connected via smartphones to test out new ways to connect with the world around us.

Family friendly!  This workshop is aimed at children ages 8-15 with their parents.

Venue: Globe area in the Europe Gallery as well as V&A courtyard and gardens, Victoria and Albert Museum, Kensington Gore, London

Programme: all day drop in, with workshop hands-on sessions lasting 1 hour minutes every couple of hours for those that want to get stuck in. Otherwise just drop in and play!

What will you learn?

  • Discover that you can interact directly with the city around you through simple code and electronics.
  • See how digital code is not separate from nature and city spaces and that computing can be ‘city-friendly’, by easily connecting you with everyday places and things.
  • Open your eyes to seeing the city and digital code as about potential for a whole range of interactions.

Whose Smart City? network, Plymouth University and ODI Devon/Thingscamp
Technical: One Polygon and Controlled Frenzy